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Southwest Building Contractors
1986 Lincoln Way
White Oak, PA 15131

About Southwest Building Contractors:

In 1989, Mike and Barb Sulava founded Southwest Building Contractors with 10 years of building experience, enthusiasm, and the good work ethic. Mike put his experience to work while being the general contractor of the project to build Tom Clark Chevrolet on Route 48 and Barb answered the phones and "kept the books". He moved on to develop and build many of the new homes on Whitetail Lane near White Oak Park. Meeting with customers to gather information about their lifestyle, how they use their home, and what they wanted in a new construction experience, Mike and Barb started from scratch with most people to not only "custom-build" the home, but also to "custom-design" their home to fit their particular needs. Many satisfied customers have commented that the "horror stories" have heard from other people who have built do not have anything in common with experienced with Southwest Building Contractors.

Two children (Mike and Robbie) and several years later, Mike got his PA real estate license. Who better to see property with then the guy that knows? When Robbie went off to school, Barb got her real estate license so Mike could concentrate on his building expertise.

Longview Terrace townhouses were in the planning stages and Mike and Barb saw the need for a real estate office to market and sell this new project. At that point in 1999, Broker-1 Realty became a reality.

The experience and knowledge gained on this successful project had a ripple effect that took Barb into the surrounding communities as a top producing real estate agent selling homes and commercial properties, as well as new construction projects of Southwest Building Contractors. Broker-1 Realty moved from a construction office at Longview Terrace as the project neared selling out into a new office of the corner of Lincoln Way and Route 48 in White Oak.

After more than a decade in business, Mike and Barb still point back to a mutual faith in God, a good work ethic, and enthusiasm for working with people that keeps them performing consistently with satisfied customers and proven with cents. Whether your next move is new construction or an existing home -- give Southwest Building Contractors and Broker-1 Realty a call.

All Southwest Projects are Marketed Exclusively by Broker-1 Realty
(412) 678-0777 - Barb@Broker1Realty.com